Frequently Asked Questions

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We've complied a list of our most asked questions. No need to search around, it's all here below!

How do I edit a booking? 

How do I charge the balance on a booking? 

How do I cancel a booking?  Cancelling a booking does not automatically refund the payment. See how to do that below.

How do I refund a customer?  

How do I rebook a customer?

How can I get notifications of bookings?

How do I block inventory manually?

What is the best image size to display photos for my rentals or activities on the online checkout?

How can I customize the Email Notifications?

How can I customize the SMS messaging?

How do I set my deposit rule?

How do I add the tax rate?

How do I set up a cancellation fee?

How do I assign new rates for next year or create seasonal pricing?

How do I create weekday and weekend pricing for my rentals?

How do I charge more for holidays?

How do I create a promo code?

How do I build in time between rentals?

How do I create an add-on?

How can I track bookings?

Can I collect the customer's address on a booking?

How can I see a list of my customers?

Can I change my payment processor?


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