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You can cancel a booking in the system easily.  To cancel, following the steps below.

Step 1: Find the Booking and Open the Booking: To find a booking in the system, use the Bookings tab to search.  You can search by Booking Code, Customer name, email, or phone.


Note: Bookings can only be canceled through the backend of the system.  A customer is not able to cancel the booking on their own.  They need to contact you to cancel the booking for them.



Step 2: On the booking, click the Booking Actions tab at the bottom, select Cancel Booking. 


Step 3:  A window will open to input details about the cancellation including:

  • Canceled by
  • Reason (optional)
  • Cancellation Fee

Add information, then OK.


The Order Details will display the amount due back to the customer.



Step 4: In the Refund section at the bottom of the Order, select the Method of Refund:

  • Credit Card - will refund to the Credit Card on file
  • Cash / Check
  • Voucher

Confirm the amount is correct, then Save. You have successfully refunded the customer.



Step 5: To confirm the refund, you can view the Booking Actions - Show Payments to see details of the Payment History on the booking. 


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