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You can cancel a booking in the system easily.  To cancel, following the steps below.

Step 1: Find the Booking and Open the Booking: To find a booking in the system, use the Bookings tab to search.  You can search by Booking Code, Customer name, email, or phone.

Bookings can only be canceled through the backend of the system.  A customer is not able to cancel the booking on their own.  They need to contact you to cancel the booking for them.



Step 2: On the booking, click the Booking Actions tab at the bottom, select Cancel Booking. 


Step 3:  A window will open to input details about the cancellation including:

  • Canceled by
  • Reason (optional)
  • Cancellation Fee

Add information, then OK.


The Order Details will display the amount due back to the customer.



Step 4: In the Refund section at the bottom of the Order, select the Method of Refund:

  • Credit Card - will refund to the Credit Card on file
  • Cash / Check
  • Voucher

Confirm the amount is correct, then Save. You have successfully refunded the customer.



Step 5: To confirm the refund, you can view the Booking Actions - Show Payments to see details of the Payment History on the booking. 


See the steps in action:

Important! Bookings should always be canceled using the steps above. You should not use the Remove item option on the order to cancel the booking, as it will not show in your reports and bookings that this booking was canceled.

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