How do I Edit an existing Booking

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Once a booking is made in the system, you will be able to search and open bookings through the Bookings tab.  If this booking was made recently or is for an activity that occurs today or tomorrow, then you can also open the booking from the Dashboard.  

You can open and view/edit any booking by selecting it from the list with one click.

Once opened, users can make edits/updates to to a booking including:

  • Change the Product: select the Product drop down menu to change the rental or activity.
  • Change the Dates: select the Date/Time to update the start/end time of the booking
    • For Rentals, this will open the Rental Quickfind to make changes.
    • For Tours, this will open a small calendar to select another date and time slot.
  •  Change the quantity:
    • For rentals, update the Quantity/Units.  
    • For tours, update the number of persons.
  • Add a Rental, Tour/Activity: select the blue Add Rental (or Add Tour/Activity) links to add additional items to the booking.
  • Add additional charges using Retail: select Add Retail to add charges such as Fuel or Damage charges.  (Retail items must be set up in advance by going to Settings - Retail)
  • Add Discounts or Gratuity: click the related button in the Functions section
  • Send a Message: In the Message section, select Send Message/Mail and choose your option
  • Update Customer information
  • Add Office Notes
  • Send Waivers (if enabled)
  • Cancel or Rebook the booking: use the Actions button to cancel or rebook for the customer
  • Make Payments/Refunds: use the Payments/Refund section of the page to add a payment, charge the balance, or refund a payment to the credit card on file. Select Credit Card to access the card on file.


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