Refunding a Payment

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The system offers several options to refund payments:

  • Refund the payment(s) on a cancelled booking through the Order Details.
  • Refund a specific payment through Payments History or Report.
  • Partial refund through the Order Details (updated bookings or discount)

Refund a Cancelled Booking

1. Cancel the booking.  This action will create a negative amount in the Balance section of the Order Summary.


 2. In the Refund section at the bottom of the Order, select the Method of Refund:

  • Credit Card - will refund to the Credit Card on file
  • Cash / Check
  • Voucher

3. Confirm the amount is correct, then SaveYou have successfully refunded the customer.


See it in action:

Refund/Void a payment through Payment History

If you need to refund or void a payment on a booking (without canceling the order), you can do that through the Payment History.

Note: Some processors (Stripe, Square) do not support a voided payment, so the system will offer a refund payment instead.

To access the Payment History:

  1. Open the Order
  2. From the Actions button (bottom of page), select Payment History
  3. Select the Payment that you want to refund/void
  4. From the Payment Details window, select Void
  5. If the processor does not support a Void, you can refund the payment. Select OK.




Refund/Void a payment through Payments Report

To access the Payments Report:

  1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. Include the search parameters for the payment (date the payment was made)
  3. Right click on the payment, select Payment Details
  4. Follow the same steps 4 - 5 above to Void/Refund the payment


Process a Partial Refund

You can process a partial refund on an order. This can occur if you updated the order that resulted in a balance due back to the customer. Common reasons would be applying a discount or changing the product, date or time. When the order has a balance in favor of the customer (negative balance), then it will show the refund section on the order to process. Follow the steps 2-3 from the cancelled booking section above to process the refund.


To confirm the refund, you can view the Booking Actions - Show Payments to see details of the Payment History on the booking. 


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