Creating Add-ons for your Rentals or Activities

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An Add-on is any item that a customer can add to their rental or tour booking for an additional price.  These are items that are only booked along with the main rental or activity, and offered as an option during checkout.

BookingCentral allows you to create add-ons for your products in the Custom Field settings.  This article will show you:

  • How to create an Add-on
  • How to Assign an Add-on to a product
  • What your Customers see during checkout

Create an Add-on

  • Go to Settings - Custom Fields.
  • Select + Add Custom Field in the upper right

Settings for the Add-on are:

  • Field Type is Addon
  • Name: Add a Name for the Add-on that will show during checkout
  • Options:
    • Select if the add-on should be required.  This means that the customer must select an option during checkout
    • Select if the field should show during checkout.  If unchecked, it will only be an option for users making a booing through the backend.
  • Choices: This is where you will create the options including the price.  Select + Add to add the first choice. If you have multiple choices, select + Add to create a line for each one.
  • Pricing: Select how the addon is priced.  Options include:
    • Per Person - for tours and activities only where the main product is charged per person
    • Per Booking - will be charged once for the booking
    • Per Hour - charged X the number of hours for the main booking
    • Per Day - charged X the number of days for the main booking
    • Custom - select your own options for pricing
  • Tax: if the addon is taxed, include the tax rate
  • Placeholder: include an optional message that will show on the drop down when no option has been selected yet.
  • Help Text: include more information about the addon here.  Customer will select a ? button on the checkout to view the text.



Pricing for Per Hour and Per Day settings will always round up if there is not an exact time match.

a) A Per Hour add-on and a booking  is 1 hour and 30 minutes, it will charge for 2 hours.
b) A Per Day add-on and a booking is 5 hours, it will charge for one day.

Assign an Add-on

Add-ons are not automatically assigned to a rental or activity.  This gives you the flexibility to create add-ons for one activity or rental that may not be used for another.  To assign an add-on to a product, so to Settings - Rentals or Tickets.

Select the product from the list.  Or, select + Add Rental (or Tour) to create a new one.

Go to the Customize tab



Use the + next to the Add-on in the Available Fields column to assign to the Selected Fields column.  Save your updates.



Online Checkout

When your customers check out online, they will see an Additional Options page where they can choose the add-ons.


Once they make a selection, and they choose the add the option to their booking, it will reflect on the checkout page, and in the price.





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