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You can customize your emails in the system to include specific information that you want your customers to see after they make the reservations.  

The system comes with several types of automatic emails:

  1. Confirmation: sent immediately after the booking is made
  2. Notification: sent to the User (business) in the system when a booking is made
  3. Reminder: sent 3 days prior to the start/arrival date (time sent can be modified)
  4. Thank you: sent 1 day after the end/departure date (time sent can be modified)
  5. Customer Message: sent only if a user sends a message directly from the booking
  6. Quote: sent when a quote is made in the system.
  7. Booking Request: sent when a booking is saved as a pending, or if the rental/activity is set as a booking request.
  8. Booking Request Declined: sent when a booking request or pending booking is declined by the business.
  9. Booking Cancellation : sent when a booking is cancelled.
  10. Quote Cancellation: sent when a quote is cancelled.
  11. Receipt: sent any time there is a payment on a booking.

To customize the emails, go to Settings - Emails.  Select which email template you want to edit to open.

Email Templates.png

Options for customizing include:

  • Active: decide if you want this email to be sent automatically.  If you do not want the email to be sent, uncheck this option.
  • Copy: Admins and Users can be sent a copy of the email, check the box, and include an email address if it is not the main admin email in the system.  Note: this is different than the notifications that users can receive.  This option would be an exact copy of the email the customer receives.
  • Image: Add a logo or a picture to the email by uploading an image file.
  • Subject: The default Subject line in the email will be "Booking Confirmation from [your business name]".  Edit the text here as needed.
  • Message: Include additional text in this section that you want your customers to see when they receive the booking.
  • Highlight: If checked, the email will include a section that show the items booked along with the date(s) of the booking.
  • Waivers: If using Waivers (either link or Smartwaiver), this box must be checked in order for the customer to receive the link/button to sign the waiver.  Edit the header text here if needed. (Note: If Pre-Check In is enabled, the waiver option will not show here, and be sent with the Pre-Check In email/text).
  • Directions: If you want to include Directions in the email, and you have added directions to your Location settings, then check this box. Edit the header text here if needed. Edit the header text here if needed.
  • Terms & Conditions: Include text in this section of your terms & conditions. Edit the header text here if needed.
  • Promotions: If checked, this option will list your other rentals/activities with a link to the book. Edit the header text here if needed.
  • Payments: If checked, it will include the payment history on the order such as the deposit payment and the final payment. It will also show the last 4 digits of the CC used and the date the payment was made
  • Custom Fields: If selected, you can choose which Custom Fields (text, select, addons) you want to show on the email notifications. A common example would be Delivery Address or select add-ons (generator, tube, go pro).
  • Send: For Reminder + Thank you emails only, set the number of days prior (or after for Thank You) to activity for the email to send.

Settings for Confirmation Email 1.png

Setting for Confirmation Email 2.png

Settings for Confirmation Email 3.png


Once completed, Save your changes.  You can send a Test email to see what the email will look like as well as select Preview Email to view.

These email will be sent to all your rentals or activities automatically, if active.


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