Creating Promotion/Discount Codes

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The system allows you to easily create discounts using the Promotions setup.  Promotions are discount codes that can be used multiple times by customers.

To begin, go to Settings - Promotions and Vouchers.  Click Promotions begin setup.

To create a new Promotion, select + Add Discount Code in the upper right.

Promotion Setup.  Options include:

  • Code - enter a code that customers will enter at checkout.  You will need to advertise this code to your customers on your website or email correspondence.
  • Description - the description is for internal use only.
  • Type - the type of discounts includes:
    • Fixed Amount
    • Percentage
    • Buy One, Get One


Promotion Rules & Restrictions.  To continue with the setup, add optional rules for using the code.  Options include:

  • Minimum Quantity - enter a minimum number of tickets that need to be purchased for the code to be valid. (For tours/tickets only, not used for rentals)
  • Purchase Dates - enter date range when activity must be booked for code to be valid
  • Activity Dates - enter date rate when activity occurs for the code to be valid
  • Activity Start Time - enter times that the code is valid (i.e. morning activities only)
  • Activity Days - select day of the week that the code is valid
  • Advance Purchase - enter time in advance booking must occur for code to be valid


Products & Add-ons. Select which Product(s) this promo applies to and if the discount should include any add-on charges.


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