Creating Seasonal Pricing for your Rentals

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A season in BookingCentral refers to a date range of your availability. Examples include Pre-Season, Primer Season, and Post Season. A Season could also refer to an entire year, such as 2023 Season. Seasons play an important rule in determining your availability and pricing.

Offering different pricing per season is possible in the system. There are 2 main steps to create seasonal pricing for your offerings.

1. Define your Seasons

2. Add Pricing per Season

Step 1: Define a Season.

In the system, navigate to Settings - My Business - Hours to create a season(s).


See the help article here with further instructions on how to create a season.

Step 2: Add Pricing to your Season(s).

Every Rental or Activity you have set up in the system has its own Price List page. This is where you can manage seasonal pricing. 

  • Go to Settings - Rentals
  • Select the Rental or Activity from the list or select Edit
  • Select the Price List tab
  • In the Season section, select the Season that you want to add pricing.

Here you can either create new pricing in two ways:

  • Select Add Price to create your pricing by length (i.e. half day, full day, etc)
  • Select 'Copy from anther product of season' to use another rental or season pricing. Note: you can edit the pricing once you copy.


If you choose the copy option:

  • select the Copy button
  • Select the Product and/or Season for the copy
  • Select OK

The system will populate the new season with pricing from the product or season chosen. Make any edits to the pricing and times as needed. Save your changes.



Important! If you have multiple seasons follow the steps above for any additional seasons.  

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