Sending a Text Message to a Customer

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The system offers a way to text a customer information about their booking.  You have 3 options for text messaging, and you can choose to use all or some of the following options.

This article will explain how to send a Customer Text Message to a customer from their existing booking in the system.

Customer Message: this is a one time message that you can send to a customer with an existing booking in the system.  This is a great feature if you need to communicate an important message for a customer such as a cancelled trip or information about their rental.  This message is sent manually by the user in the system via the Order Screen.  To send a customer message, following the steps below.

  • Open a booking via the Bookings tab or Calendar
  • In the Messages section of the booking, select Send Message/Mail
  • Select  Send Text Message 
  • The Phone will be populated with the number listed on the booking, but it can be changed as needed.
  • Enter the Message in the Message box, and hit OK to send


Adding a Signature to the Text Messages You can add a signature line that will show for every text message you send to the customer.  You can include your business name as well as a phone number on the signature if you want the customer to respond directly to you.  

To add a Signature, go to Settings - Configuration - SMS.  In the first section, SMS Settings, add the signature.


The customer receives the text immediately on their phone or other device that receives messages that will include the message and the signature:



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