Creating Weekday, Weekend and Holiday Pricing

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If you offer rentals where the price per rental changes per day of the week, you can manage this via the Price List in the Settings.

Let's look at a common pricing scenario to assist with the setup:

Rental: Deluxe Pontoon Boat


  • Weekdays (Mon - Thur)
    • Half Day: 4 Hours $400
    • Full Day: 8 Hours $600
  • Weekends (Fri - Sun)
    • Half Day: 4 Hours $450
    • Full Day: 8 Hours $650
  • Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)
    • Full Day only: 8 Hours $700

To get started on setting up this example or a variation of this example, go to Settings - Rentals.

Select the Rental from the list to Edit or select + Add Rental to create a new rental.

Click on the Price List tab for the rental.  Follow below to set up the Pricing.

Creating Columns for Day of Week Pricing

To add the variable pricing per day of week, follow the steps below:

  1. select the edit (pencil icon) next to All DaysEdit_All_Days_-_Price_List.png
  2. In the "Select day(s)" window, create your first column by keeping the days included in Weekdays checked, and the other days unchecked.  
    • Uncheck Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
    • As an option, include Weekdays in the Label field.  Note: This is how your customers will see the price during checkout.
    • Select OK when finished.
  3. To create a column for Weekends, select the Add Column button
    • Check the days included in weekends
    • As an option, include Weekdays in the Label field.
    • Select OK when finished
  4. To create a column for Holidays, follow the same steps as in Step 3 above.
    • Check Holidays
    • As an option, include Holidays in the Label field

In order for the system to know what the Holiday dates are, you must designate the date under Settings - Holidays.


Add Price for each Day of Week Option

Once you create your columns for the variable pricing, you can now add the rate for each length option.  

Select + Add Price to get started.  You will want to create a Rental Price set up for each of your lengths (i.e. 4 Hour, 8 Hours, etc).  In the Edit Rental Price window, follow the steps.

  1. Enter the duration.  For a flat 4 Hour (or 8 Hour) rate, the duration boxes will include the same value, such as 4 to 4 Hours.
  2. The Price is section refers to how the system will calculate the price.  Options will be:
    • Per Hour - price will be $ X duration
    • Per 4 Hours - price will be a flat rate per 4 hours
  3. Label: include an alternate text to the duration to show during checkout, such as Half Day.
  4. Add the Prices for each 'day of week', options include:
    • Price
    • Start Times - can set specific start times, or use options listed in the drop down menu.
    • Min Duration - if applicable, however, it can be left blank if the duration is fixed (i.e. 4 hours only)
    • Checkout - uncheck only if you do not want this as an option for online checkout


Continue to use the + Add Price button to add additional lengths and prices.

If there is a column that doesn't offer the duration, then the price field can be left blank.  For example, Holidays do not offer 4 hour rentals, so the Holidays price is left blank in the Price List.

After all the lengths and prices have been set up, you'll have a Price List that looks similar to this:



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