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The Summary Report will give you a detailed look at total sales for all your offerings. It is the best option to use for your business accounting purposes as it will show you totals for each product (rental, activity, tour) and any additional charges as well as tax collected.

Sales is shown for:

  • All rentals, tours, and/or activities
  • Add-ons
  • Additional Charges (Dock and Cleaning Fees)
  • Retail Charges (Damage and Fuel Fees)
  • Gratuity


This report will also breakdown how you took payments or refunds and the method including:

  • Credit Card (by type: Visa, MC, Amex)
  • Cash/Check
  • Vouchers
  • Custom payment types


It is useful to see how many of each item was booked based on the time period using the Quantity column. This is great information as you can see your most popular booked rentals or activities which can be helpful for marketing purposes.


The report will also show you all payments received based on the Start and End date in the Payments (This Period) column. In other words, these are payments that have been processed on the item/product during that time frame.

Since the report is based on Activity Date(s), this amount can be different from the Total column because payments could have been made on the product outside of the date range such as a deposit when the booking was made.




Finally, you can see a Grand Total of each column by product. As with most reports, you can View the report on the screen or Download into a CSV, PDF, or Excel file.



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