What type of Reports are included?

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The system offers several different reporting options:

  1. Bookings/Order: This will show a complete list of all bookings in the system by activity/rental date.
  2. Payments: This report will show all payments made in the system based on the given time frame.  Report date parameters are based on transaction date.
  3. Sales: This will report on all sales from bookings, add-ons, and additional charges.  Sales will be based on the date that the activity occurred.
  4. Tours/Activities: This is a utilization report that will show each tour/activity that is offered, and how many tickets offered per tour and how many sold.
  5. Summary: Report that shows the sales totals of each item including additional charges, add-ons. The report includes tax and payments information, too. Date parameters will be based on activity date.
  6. Reviews/RatingThis report will show details about customers that reviewed and rated their activity or rental using the Review Text.
  7. Commissions: This report will show all commissions earned by users in the system. Commissions can be set on the report through the settings icon.
  8. Discount Code Usage: This report will show you a list of all discount codes and how many times they have been used on orders.
  9. AuthorizationsThis report will show active credit card authorizations in the system. These are damage deposit authorizations that have not been released or charged.

Report Parameters:

Dates: You can run the report with a series of dates such as This Month or This Week, or choose Other to customize your date parameters.  Enter the custom dates in the Start Date and End Date Fields.

Viewing Options include:

  • Screen - see details in the system
  • PDF - can view or download
  • CSV - download
  • Excel - download
  • HTML - will open in a new browser

The Review/Rating and the Active Authorizations report are only viewed on the screen, and do not have a download option.

Example of the PDF View:

Customize Fields: Use the setting button  to add, remove, or change the order of the columns in the report.

Customize Fields only applies to the Orders and Payments report.


Learn more about Customizing the Orders Report: How to customize the orders report.


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