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The Sales report will show you a view of your sales on bookings made through the system. This report can be used in many ways including:

  • Download your sales for the past year for tax purposes.
  • View or download the report to show balances due on bookings.
  • View or download your sales for previous months to compare data for marketing and business purposes.

The Sales report includes the following fields/data:

  • Order Date/Time: this is the date/time that the booking was made in the system
  • Status: this is the status of the booking such as Confirmed or Cancelled.
  • Customer Name and Phone Number
  • Product (Rental, tour or Activity) booked
  • Start and End Date/Time: Date(s) the activity occurred
  • Subtotal: Booking amount before tax
  • Tax: total amount of tax %
  • Paid: Amount paid on booking
  • Balance: Amount due on booking

Select the time frame, and choose View to see the data on the Screen. You can also choose a PDF, CSV, EXCEL from the Type settings and select Download to access the report from your computer.

Start and End Dates on the Sales report refers to the order date. The order date is the date the booking was made and not the activity date.



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