Orders Report

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The Orders report will show you a complete view of bookings made through the system. This report can be used in many ways including:

  • View or download a list of all bookings made based on a certain time frame (i.e. This Month, This Year).
  • Customize and Download a customer list (name, email, phone) to upload to your preferred email marketing platform.
  • Filter to view bookings by product, location, or all bookings with a balance due.
  • Download a list of today's bookings to allow your employees to prepare for incoming customers.

As with most reports, you can customize the fields that you want to see in the report. Use the settings icon Settings_icon.png to select the fields.



Once you customize the fields you want in the report, select View to see the data on the Screen. You can also choose a PDF, CSV, EXCEL from the Type settings and select Download to access the report from your computer.



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