Commission Report for Users

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This report is for businesses that want to set commissions for their users who make bookings in the system, and run a report to determine the commission amounts per user.

This report is for users in the system, and does not apply to resellers.

Settings Commission for Users

To set the commission for your users,

  • Select the settings icon on the right.
  • In the Commissions window, you can set each users commission or select Set All to apply the same commission for all users.
  • The commissions can be based on the Order Subtotal or the Order Total (including taxes and fees).

Once set, select OK to save.


To see the commissions, select the Dates, and choose View.

The commission report will only include bookings that have occurred in the past.

You can view a Summary of the commissions including:

  • Agent (User)
  • Order Total (total amount of sales based on date range)
  • Commission %
  • Commission amount based on Order Total


Select the arrow by the User name to see more details about each booking was made including:

  • Order Code
  • Order Date/Time
  • Activity Start/End
  • Order total by booking


To download the Summary data, use the Type menu to select PDF, CSV, or Excel file and then choose Download.



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