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BookingCentral is happy to provide options for communicating with your customer via text messaging. Text messages are, in many ways, superior to emails. Let's explore the top reasons why:

  • People have their phones with them at all times, so will see the message right away
  • People may not check their emails every day, or at all.
  • Text messaging is more reliable than emails in regards to transmission
    • Important emails may sometimes end up in a Junk/Spam folder
    • text messages have a better transmission rate

We offer several automated text messages that can easily be customized to meet your needs:

Confirmed Text - sent immediately after the customer books.


Pre-Check In Text - sent 3 days in advance of the rental or activity start date (options to send 24 hours or 7 days in advance, too). The text will include a link to the Pre-Check in form for the customer to complete prior to arrival.



Reminder Text - sent the night before the customer is expected to arrive for their rental or activity (options to send hours in advance, too!). Include Directions in the Text along with an image and link as an option.



Review Text - sent a hour after the customer ends their rental or activity (option to set a custom send time, too!).


In addition to the automated text messaging, you can also send a manual text from any booking/order in the system. This is useful if you want to send an individual message to a customer.

On the Order in the system, select Messages - Send Text Message. Enter the message in the dialog box and select OK.


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