Sending Receipts to Customers

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As part of the booking process, you may want to send a receipt to the customer at the end of the reservation.

The system gives you several options for sending receipts to customers:

  • Activate automatic receipt emails to customers any time a new payment has been made on a booking.
  • Include the payment history on automatic emails such as Confirmation, Reminder, and Thank You emails.
  • Send a receipt via email and/or text to customers that ask for a final statement of charges after their booking ends.

Send an Automatic Receipt

To enable the automatic receipt option:

  • Go to Settings - Emails
  • In the list of email options, open the Receipt Email.
  • In the Settings, check the option to send this email automatically.
  • Add any custom text and logo to the email if needed.


Add Payment History to Emails

To include the Payment History on emails:

  • Go to Settings - Emails
  • Select the following emails that you want to include a payment history:
    • Booking Confirmation
    • Booking Reminder
    • Thank You
    • Booking Cancellation
  • Check the box on the settings to include payment history


Sending Receipt Email or Text from the Booking

On any booking in the system, users can manually select the send a Receipt to a customer that requests it. Receipts can be sent via Email or Text (or both!).

To send a Receipt from the Booking:

  • Open the Order/Booking
  • From the Message section, select Send Message/Mail button
  • Select Send Receipt Email or Send Receipt Text
  • Confirm the customer's email or phone number
  • Select OK to send


Send_Receipt_Email.png               Send_Receipt_Text.png

Example of an Email Receipt:



Example of a Text Receipt



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