Sending a Broadcast Text Message

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The Message Center in BookingCentral allows you to contact a group of customers/bookings all at once using the Broadcast Message feature.

This is a useful feature when you need to reach out to bookings that are happening today, tomorrow, or in the near future with important messages about their upcoming booking such as bad weather, equipment/rental issues, or other booking related messages.

To send a Broadcast Message, select the Message icon from the upper right of the toolbar.


  • Select Messages to open the Message Center.
  • Select the Broadcast Message tab.
  • Enter the message in the Broadcast Message text field.
  • The system will default to send the message to Today's customers, but this can be changed to another date (max of 5 days in advance),  by select the "Today's customers" view box.
  • Select the Location if you have multiple locations setup in your account.
  • The default will send to All customers bookings for the date choses, but you can choose who gets the message for the day with the checkbox by each booking.


Once you've selected who gets this message, select Send Message. Confirm the Broadcast message and number or recipients, and hit OK.


This will immediately send a text message to all the customers.



See it in action:

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