Setting up the Tour Overview

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Creating a Tour or Activity in the system involves several steps.  This article will focus on the Rental Overview page.

Navigate to Settings - Tickets - + Add Tour/Activity

On the Overview page, include the following details:

    • Name of Tour - this is how it will show in the system and online
    • Category - select a category, or create a new one
        • Categories are a way to organize your offerings in the online widget
    • Color - select a color that will identify time slots for this tour on the master Calendar
    • Length - include in hours/minutes the length of the tour (must be less than 24 hours)
    • Min persons - if you must have a minimum number to go on the tour (per time slot), include it here
      • If the minimum is only required for the first booking, then check the box, "Minimum not required for subsequent bookings"
    • Max persons - include a maximum number of persons for each time slot
    • Options
      • Public: check if this tour is availability for online booking
      • Private: check if this tour is a private tour only (one booking per time slot)
      • Guided: check if this tour is guided by a tour guide
    • Online Sales - select a duration for how far in advance a customer make book this rental online. 


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