Setting up your Times (Availability) for Tours and Activities

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Your tour availability is the time slots that are available on a daily basis for your activities and tours.

To set your availability, go to Settings - Tickets.

Select a tour from the list, or select Add Tour/Activity to create a new tour.

Select the Times tab.

Select + Add Time.

In the Date & Time window, you'll create your first time slot:

  • Time: Add the start time of the tour (the system will automatically input the end time based on the duration set in the Overview)
  • Days: Check the days of the week that this availability is offered (or uncheck the days it is not offered)
  • Start Date: Set the first date that this availability is offered
  • Repeat Until: Set the last date this availability is offered


Hit OK to close the window. To create more time slots, select the Add Time button.  Once finished adding your time slots, Save your changes.





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