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Managing tours or activities that utilize resources (i.e. jeep, kayak, paddle board) can be challenging as you often need to have a max tour capacity by number of persons, but also consider the equipment's availability.  BookingCentral offers a feature that will allow you to set up your tour/activity that can manage both the tour capacity AND your inventory used for the tour.

To set up and assign your Resources for your Tour, follow the steps below.

Add Resources

The first step is to create your resources that will be assigned to the tour.  

Go to Settings - Resources.

Select + Add Resource to create your first resource.  Resources are setup individually, so you will add a resource for all of your inventory.  Setup fields include:

  • Name: Include a unique name so the you can easily identify them through the Calendar
  • Tag : include a tag number as an optional setting
  • Serial Number: include a serial number as an optional setting
  • Max Persons: when utilizing resources for your tours, this field is very important.  Include the capacity of this resource, so the system will not overbook the equipment.

Once complete, Save your resource.  Continue to add resources using the same setup above.



Assign Resources to Tour/Activity

The next step is to assign the resources to the tour/activity setup.

Go to Settings - Tickets.  

If you have not yet created your Tour, select + Add Tour/Activity.  Otherwise, select the Tour from the list to Edit.

First, in the Overview of the Tour, you will add your capacity for the tour in the Min/Max persons section.  This is the total number of persons that can go on this tour.



Second, to assign the Resources to the Tour, select the Resources tab.

Use the checkbox next to the resource(s) to add to this tour.  The Max Persons for each Resource is what the system will use to assign a resource to a booking.  Save your changes.




Third, set up your Pricing from the Price List tab.

Pricing Options include:

  • Individual Tickets - can set up a per per ticket price.  If the price changes adults, children or another person category.  You can create different categories by selecting + Add category.


  • Private Group - if you want to allow a group to book as a private group, then you can set it up in the Private Groups section.  This means that if a group wants to book the entire time slot, and there is availability, then they can choose this option at checkout.


  • Private Resource - if you want to allow a group to book a private resource (i.e. jeep), then you can select Private Resource in the in the private groups setup.  This means that a group can book a jeep, and the system will not allow another group to be placed in that resource.


This set up will now assign a resource to each booking for the tour.  In addition, the system will keep track of your max capacity (will not overbook!) and ensure that a booking will not overbook a resource's max capacity.  Learn how to manage these types of bookings here: Managing Tour Bookings with Resources.

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