Adding Participants as an option for booking your Tours

When setting up your tour, you can add a section for Participants.  This allows you to gather specific information about the people who will be participating in the tour or activity  To enable Participants in your account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings - Tickets to access the tour you want to add this feature.
  2. On the setup pages, select Participants
  3. Click "Enable questions/answers for participants"
  4. Add the information that you want to gather from each participant by:
    1. Selecting from the list from Available Fields (use the + by the information to add to Selected Fields)
    2. Select + Add Participant Field to create new information

Note: the Available Fields are taken from the Custom Fields that are set up in your account.

Once finished added information, Save your changes.


Participant Fields at Checkout

Once added, the participant fields will show as an option during online checkout as well as making a new booking through the system.


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