What type of Reports are included?

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The system offers several different reporting options:

  1. Bookings/Order Report: This will show a complete list of all bookings in the system by activity/rental date.
  2. Payments Report: This report will show all payments made in the system based on the given time frame.  It will show booking code, payment type, transaction date/time, amount, and customer name.  You can customize the columns in the report, too.  Payments are based on the date the payment was made.
  3. Sales Report: This will report on all money taken in from bookings, add-ons, and additional charges.  Sales will be based on the date that the activity occurred.
  4. Tours/Activities Report: This is a utilization report that will show each tour/activity that is offered, and how many tickets offered per tour and how many sold.
  5. Summary Report: Report that shows the totals of each item including additional charges, add-ons.
  6. Reviews/Rating Report: This report will show details about customers that reviewed and rated their activity or rental using the Review Text.

Report Parameters:

Dates: You can run the report a series, such as This Month, or choos Other to customize your date parameter.  Enter the custom dates in the Start Date and End Date Fields.

Viewing Options include:

  • Screen - see details in the system
  • PDF - can view or download
  • CSV - download
  • Excel - download
  • HTML - will open in a new browser

Example of the PDF View:

Customize Fields: Use the setting button  to add, remove, or change the order of the columns in the report.

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