How do I block inventory?

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You are able to manually block inventory (called Resources) through the Calendar.  This is useful if you need to take a rental out of inventory for maintenance or a special event.  You can easily block and release inventory as needed.

To block a resource, go to the Resources Calendar.  Click the Calendar tab - then use the drop down menu on the right side to access the Resources calendar - Day View.

1. Go to the date on the calendar where you want to block the inventory.

2. Select the lock symbol in the upper left of the calendar.

3. In the Block Resources window, enter the dates and time to block, and select the specific resource(s) from the left.

4. You can add a comment/note here, too.  Save your changes.


The calendar will show the Blocked Resources across all the days that you added the block.  You can also see any comments entered on the calendar entry. 


See it in action:

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