Editing Availabilities of a Tour or Activity

An Availability of a tour is a specific time slot that is listed on the Calendar after you have set your tour dates and times in the Settings.   This article will explain the options for making changes to a single availability on the Calendar that will not change the Settings of the tour, but only that particiulra date/time of the tour as listed on the Calendar.

To make edits to an availability, find the tour entry on the Calendar, click to open.

In the Overview, select the Edit button  in the upper right to make changes.  Options include:

  • Tour Times: this will adjust the start and/or end time of this tour only
  • Online Sales: select options for this tour when booking online:
    • Open: by default a tour will be set to open for online bookings
    • Closed: this will not show this tour time as an option online
    • Call to Book: this will place a note next to the tour time to call to book
  • Availability: edit the Max Persons box to increase or decrease availability for this tour
  • Guides: Assign a guide to this tour, max persons, and guide assignment. 
  • Notes: include notes for this tour.  Will only be shown on the Calendar when viewed by a user in the system.



Note: if you update the Tour times, there is an option to send an update to all booked customers with the new times.  A message will pop after you save the update to send a message.


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