Viewing Availability from the Resources Calendar

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The Rental Resources Calendar is the calendar view that allows you to view your rental inventory's availability.  It provides the user with a visual view of each rental in your fleet, and bookings are displayed on the calendar.

To access the Resources Calendar, go to the Calendar tab in your account.

In the upper right, select the drop down menu (says "Month") and choose the Resources view.  Options for viewing include:

  • Day View: shows all bookings for a given day - calendar entries show by times booked
  • Week View: shows a week at a glance, scroll to the right to see each day's booking for the week
  • Month View: shows bookings on a monthly basis



The Resources Calendar allows you to:

  • View Bookings.  Click on the entry to open
  • View Available spots.  Click the + New Booking button to book a rental
  • Block a Resource(s).  Click the lock symbol
  • Filter by Product, Location (if applicable)
  • Drag and Drop bookings to a new time (start or end) or a different Resource


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