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The Rental Quickfind feature allows users in the system to quickly search for availability for a rental customers who calls or walks into your establishment to book.  

Pro Tip! If you offer different types of rentals such as pontoons, jet skis, paddle boards, and kayaks, using the Rental Quickfind is most effective when you sort your rentals into Categories first in the Settings. 

To enable Rental Quickfind, go to Settings - Order Editor.  Setup options include:
  • Enable Quickfind: Check to enable the Rental Quickfind window to search for availability.
  • Open Quickfind automatically when creating a new booking: Check this option, and the Rental Quickfind window will open automatically when you select Add Rental in the New Booking screen
  • Use Date/Time fields: Check to not use the Rental Quickfind, and manually enter the Rental/Date/Time in the New Booking screen.



Note: You can enable Quickfind and the Date/Time fields, but disable the automatic Quickfind as an option.  This will allow to select the Rental product. from the drop down menu, and then open Rental Quickfind when you select the Date/Time in the Order screen.

If you've enabled Rental Quickfind, then you can easily search for available rentals when entering a New Booking through the system.
To utilize, go to + New Booking to open the booking screen.  Select Add Rental.  If you selected that the Rental Quickfind opens automatically (recommended), then the window will open for you to check availability of a rental(s).
In the Rental Quickfind box, follow steps to look for available rentals:
  • Select the Date you are looking for
  • Use the drop down menu in the Show section to choose:
    • All Rentals
    • Rental Categories (i.e. All Boat Rentals, All Kayak Rentals, etc).  This will show rental availability for all rentals included in this category.
    • Select the specific rental
  • In the Rental section, you'll see a list of Available Rentals based on selection.
  • Choose the rental and select the duration
  • Select the Time.  The Time will show how many resources are available for each time slot.
  • Hit OK to add details to the Booking Screen


The Booking screen will now include the rental information that you choose in the Rental Quickfind.  Continue with entering the customer and payment information to complete the booking.
Note: If you want to add additional resources, you can do so in the Quantity section.
For more flexibility, you can use the Manual Time Entry in Rental Quickfind to define a rental time and duration outside of the set times.

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