Managing Tour Bookings that use Resources

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If you are using resources to for your tours, then you are able to easily manage the bookings through the system.

The system will automatically assign the resources to the booking based on the number of people and the resource that has a similar capacity.

When managing your tour bookings that use resources, you are able to:

  • View the Resource assigned to a booking from the Calendar
  • Manually edit a booking to use another resource

To manage tour bookings, go to the Calendar tab, and open the tour entry on the date/time to review.

The Tour entry will have 3 tabs:

Overview: Details about tour includes:

  • date/time
  • location
  • number of persons booked/spots available
  • guide assignment (if applicable)
  • notes


Manifest: includes list of all bookings including paid status and number of guests.


Resources: Inventory that has been assigned to each booking

The Resources tab will show you all the assigned resources for the tour date/time.  On the page, you can manage the inventory and adjust the bookings as needed.  

Use the Clear button to manually allocate the resource to the booking.

Use the Auto allocate button to allow the system to place the bookings with a resource.



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