Viewing Tours and Activities on the Calendar

The Tour Calendar in BookingCentral is where you can see all your availabilities (tour times) of your tours and activities.  The calendar views include:

  • Day - shows all tours for a given day
  • Weekly - shows all tours for a given week
  • Monthly - shows all tours for a given month
  • List - show a list view of your tours with a day or week option

Important! These Calendar views are for Tours and Activities only.  If you offer Rentals, then you will use the Resources Calendar to see all your inventory and bookings.

Calendar Features include:

  • Different Tours are color coded (as set in the Settings-Overview of the Tour)
  • All Tour Times are listed by Start Time
  • Easy viewing:
    • Tours with bookings are outlined in black
    • Tours without bookings are not outlined
    • Past Dates are shaded
  • Hover over a tour time to see details 
  •  Use the Filter button Filter_button.png in the upper right to narrow search to see:
    • Availability: Booked or Available tours
    • Product: Tour or Activity
    • Guide: see which guides are assigned to a tour
    • Enter a Seat capacity to find tours that have those seats available



For more details, Select any tour time to view details and make edits.

View the Overview of the Tour to see:

  • Tour Date/Time
  • Online Sales options
  • Location
  • Number of bookings and Number Available
  • Guide assigned
  • Notes


View the Manifest of the Tour to see:

  • Guests who are booked on the tour
  • The number of guests booked per group
  • Check in a guest
  • If a bookings has been paid
  • Click Open to view the booking


Actions you can take when viewing Tour Details:

  • Make a Booking using the Book button Screen_Shot_2021-06-15_at_5.37.09_PM.png
  • Edit the tour using the edit button in upper right Screen_Shot_2021-06-15_at_5.37.04_PM.png
  • Cancel the time slot using the three dots in upper right Screen_Shot_2021-06-15_at_5.36.57_PM.png


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