How do I unblock inventory?

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For any resources that you previous blocked on the calendar, you can unblock the inventory, if needed.

Note: the calendar will automatically release the blocks based on the end date and time previously set when blocking the resource.  This article will explain if a block needs to be removed prior to the set end date. 

To unblock a resource(s) (i.e your inventory), go to the Resources Calendar, and date of the previously blocked resource.

  • You'll see the entry on the calendar (in blue) with the Blocked resources and comment.
  • Click on the entry from the calendar to open the Block Resources window.
  • You can either
    • Delete the block - this will remove the block altogether from the calendar, and cannot be seen in historical calendar entries
    • Adjust the End Date and/or End Time - this will keep the block on the calendar, but release it based on the new End Date / Time.




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