Setting up Select Custom Fields

Gathering additional information from you customers during checkout allows you to be fully prepared for each customer's arrival.  The Select Custom Field gives you the opportunity to create a drop down menu for each question.  

Select custom fields are different than Add-ons as they do not add an additional price onto the option.  They are only used for information gathering.

To add a Select custom field, go to Settings - Custom Fields - Add Custom Field.

Options for Setup include:

  • Field Type: Select
  • Name: Enter a name for the select field
  • Options
    • Select if the field is a required field - the customer or user must input a response during checkout.
    • Select if the field is shown to customers during the online checkout, or if it is only shown on the backend through the order screen.
    • Select if the customer can select more than one item from the list.
  • Placeholder: Add text here as an option to show to customers in the field before a choice is selected.  This could be further instructions to the customer.
  • Help Text: Add additional text that will also give further information to the customer during checkout.  The Help Text can be seen by selecting the Question Mark icon by the text field.


Assign the Select Field

Select Custom Fields are not automatically assigned to a rental or activity.  This gives you the flexibility to create text fields for one activity or rental that may not be used for another.  To assign text field to a product, so to Settings - Rentals or Tickets.

Select the product from the list.  Or, select + Add Rental (or Tour) to create a new one.

Go to the Customize tab



Use the + next to the Add-on in the Available Fields column to assign to the Selected Fields column.  Save your updates.



Online Checkout

When your customers check out online, they will see an Additional Options page where they can make their selections.



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