Setting up a Gratuity Option

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If you have employees such as tour guides, dock managers, or deck hands that work on tips, having a way to allow a customer to easily add gratuity to their rental or activity is key to their livelihood.
These individuals work hard to provide customers with an enjoyable experience and often go above and beyond to make the activity special for the customer. 
The Gratuity feature in BookingCentral gives you different options that work best for your business.
Options include:
  • Add Gratuities as an option to be added after the activity
  • Allow Customers to add gratuity when booking online
  • Create a Mandatory Gratuity option for larger groups
  • Tip amounts as a percentage and custom amounts
  • Custom message that customers can see when adding a tip during online checkout
  • Order Reports with Gratuity per booking for easy payout
  • Tips added during the Check In/Check Out process
Gratuity Settings
To enable, go to Settings - Gratuities.   Options for setup includes:
  • Check to enable the gratuity feature when booking through the backend 
  • Enable Optional Gratuity
    • Select the Options for amount - can select pre-defined percentage and/or custom tip amounts
    • If you want to show a gratuity option during checkout online, you can enable it here (not common)
  • Enable Mandatory Gratuity
    • Select minimum number for the mandatory gratuity
    • Enter gratuity amount
    • Add an optional message for mandatory gratuity
Adding Gratuity on a Booking
When gratuities is enabled on orders, you are able to add a tip to an existing booking.  To do so:
  • Open the booking
  • In the Functions section, select Add Gratuity
  • Select desired tip amount that the customer chooses
  • The tip amount will be included in the Order Summary and update the Balance
  • Use the Payment section to charge the card on file for the tip amount



Mandatory Gratuity on Orders

If you have mandatory gratuity enabled, then the system will automatically include the amount if the order meets the requirements set for the gratuity.



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