Organizing your products with Categories

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When setting up new Rentals or Activities, you can organize your offerings using Categories. There are three main reasons to use Categories:

  • To search for availability when making a booking for a customer using the Rental Quickfind.
  • To allow your customers to search by a category from the online widget using Web Search.
  • Categorize how your offerings show on the Product List online widget.

The Categories are customized and created by you during the setup of your account, or with the help of our account managers during onboarding.

There are two ways to create and assign categories to your rentals or activities:

Creating Categories During Rental/Activity Setup

When setting up a new rental or activity, you'll have the option to assign/create a new category from the Overview page.

  • For Rentals, go to Settings - Rentals - Add Rental. You'll see the option to assign a previously created Category from the menu, or select + Add Category to create a new one.
  • For Activities/Tours, go to Settings - Tickets - Add Tour/Activity. You'll see the option to assign a previously created Category from the menu, or select + Add Category to create a new one.


Creating Categories in Settings

You can create a list of Categories as well as manage Categories from the Settings.

Go to Settings - Configuration - Categories. Here you can:

  • Create new Categories using + Add Category
  • Edit existing Categories
  • Delete unused Categories. Note: you cannot delete Categories that are currently assigned to a rental/activity. You will need to un-assign the category first in order to delete.



Once you add a Category through the Settings, this category will be available to add to other rentals or activities during setup.

Rental Quickfind and Categories

When making a new booking through the system, the Rental Quickfind will allow you to easily search for availability using Categories.



Web Search and Categories

Your customers will be able to search for availability online by Categories through the Web Search (Standard) option. 



Product List and Categories

When using the Product List online widget option, your customers will be able to view each offering organized by category.



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