How to Check Voucher Utilization

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If you have set up a list of voucher codes in the system then you are able to search for vouchers see when a voucher code was redeemed.  There are two ways you can view if a code was used:

  • View Utilization from the Voucher Settings
  • View Utilization from the Booking

To view Code usage from the Settings, go to Settings - Promotions & Vouchers - Vouchers.

Here you can see a complete list of all vouchers you have uploaded to the system.  You can easily search for a specific code, batch or customer.  You can review the Redeemed column to see if a code was used. 


Click Edit under Actions to view the Booking Code that used the Voucher.  You can click the booking code to open the booking in the system to review additional details.


Vouchers used as a payment option when a booking is made and can be used when a user makes a booking for a customer through the backend and online through the booking widget (by the customer).  To view if a Voucher was used for an existing booking, open booking through the Bookings tab in the system.  You can search for the booking, or select from the list.

Click anywhere on the booking information to open the booking.


On the booking select the Actions button at the bottom, then Show Payments.



The Payment History will show that the Voucher was used (Method), and the Voucher Number and Amount.




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