CICO Example: Check In for Florida Boat Rental Operators (SB 606 Compliance)

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Florida Boat Rentals operators need to be compliant with the SB606 law, and the Check In / Check Out feature in BookingCentral was designed to help keep boat operators stay compliance with the state laws. 

Sections for Check In will be:

  • Rentals
  • Customer
  • Pre-Check In items: Waivers, Document Upload, Emergency Contact
  • Add-ons/Additional Charges
  • Photos of Rental
  • Damage Deposit Authorization
  • Payment
  • Florida Pre-Rental Instruction & Attestation Form

To check in your customers:

  • On the day of rental navigate to the Check In screen
  • Select the green Check In button by the customer's name/info
  • Review or complete each step as shown below:

Full Size Screenshot of FL CICO.png

Note that the Pre-Rental / Pre-Ride Instruction & Attestation Form complies with Florida State laws. The form must be initialed and signed by the renter and the instructor. Once the Check In is complete, a copy of the form can be sent to the Renter.

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