How to complete the Renter's Insurance selection at Check In

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Using allows you to offer renter's insurance to your customers. Once the renter has chosen their selection during Pre-Check In, you will complete the insurance purchase during Check In.

This article will focus on the final step to completing the renter's insurance purchase which must be done during Check In.

In order for the insurance selection to be completed and paid for, it has to occur during Check In. See how to complete the process below.

  • On the start date of the rental, select the Check In tab from your BookingCentral account.
Check In tab.png


  • Select the green Check In button by the booking.

Green Check In button.png

  • Go through the screens until you get to the Renters Insurance page, here you will see: 
    • If the customer selected the insurance: the status will show Accepted, the Payment Method will show the last 4 of the credit card.
    • To complete the insurance purchase, Select Next. 

Select insurance on Check In.png


    • If the customer has not selected the insurance: the status will show Available, no payment added. Customer can select Review to choose insurance at this time.

Review Renters Insurance at check in.png

Good news! This completes the insurance purchase and now your customer's are covered for their rental.

Important! For insurance it is important that you enable the Resources option as a part of the Check In process. This is important if the boat that the customer takes out is not the same boat that they selected the insurance for during Pre-Check In.

To enable this setting, go to Settings - Check In/Out. Check the Change resources box from the Resources field.

CICO settings - Check In.png

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