CICO Example: Single Check In and Check out

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A common Check In / Check out example will include a single Check In and Check Out at the office or dock that captures the important steps for departure and return.

Common Sections for Check In will be:

  • Rentals
  • Customer
  • Pre-Check In items: Waivers, Document Upload, Emergency Contact
  • Add-ons/Additional Charges
  • Before Photos of the rental
  • Damage Deposit Authorization
  • Payment
  • Departure Checklist

To check in your customers:

  • On the day of rental navigate to the Check In screen
  • Select the green Check In button by the customer's name/info
  • Review or complete each step as shown below:

CICO V2 Check In Rentals - Emergency contact.pngV2CICO DL-Waivers.pngAddons and pictures V2 CICO.pngDD and Payment CICO V2.pngChecklist V2.pngOnce Check In has been completed, if there are custom checklists and/or agreements, you can email and/or text a copy of the customer.

Send Checklist V2 CICO.png


Upon return of the rental, you will check out the customer.

Common Sections for Check Out will be:

  • Rentals
  • Customer
  • Add-ons/Additional Charges
  • After Photos of the rental
  • Return Checklist
  • Gratuity
  • Final Payment

To Check Out the customer:

  • Navigate to the Check In screen
  • Select green Check Out button by the customer's name/info
  • Review and complete each step in the Check Out process as shown below:

Check Out - Customer-Addons.pngCheckout pictures.pngCO - checklist and tip.pngCO- Payment and Finish.png

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