Setting up your Rentals

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Setting up a Rental in the system involves several steps.  Each step will be explained in a different article, click on the links as outlined below.

To get started with creating your first rental, navigate to the Settings tab.  In the Tours, Activities and Rentals section, select Rentals.  




Select  Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_7.05.03_PM.png to get started!


The Rentals setup includes the following setup pages:

  • Overview: include Basic details about the Rental including Category and Color
  • Description: add a short and longer description including what to do and what to see
  • Price List: includes rates, lengths, start / end times, taxes, and deposit rules
  • Photos: add images for the rental that will be shown in the Booking Widget
  • Customize: assign Add-ons and other Custom Fields
  • Waivers: assign integrated waiver(s)
  • Emails: add custom email text specific to the rental
  • Resources: assign inventory to the rental


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