Authorizing a Damage Deposit

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A damage deposit authorization is a great feature for a rental businesses to use to ensure that if a renter damages their equipment, the cost for repairs will be the responsibility of the person renting.  The authorization is a guarantee that the amount can be charged, and that there is sufficient funds to charge that amount.  

This features provides both accountablility and responsibility on the renter, and security for the business renting the equipment.

This article will explain how to:

  • Authorize a Damage Deposit
  • View Damage Deposits

Damage deposits are automatically calculated for all bookings that have the damage deposit featured enabled. The damage deposit is shown on the right side of the screen, under the order summary.

A booking must be saved before damage deposits can be added.



Authorizing a Damage Deposit

To authorize a damage deposit, click authorize and enter the credit card details. Verify the deposit amount before authorizing. 



Hi OK, and the authorize is now in place.  The Damage Deposit section on the booking will indicate this amount that has been authorized.


See it in action:


View Authorizations

Click Manage/Charge on the order screen to view all past and current authorizations. 


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