Pricing Overview for Rentals

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BookingCentral offers a robust and flexible pricing options for rental businesses. The system can handle most pricing structures including:

  • Hourly Pricing
  • Half Day and Full Day Pricing
  • Daily or Nightly and Multi-Day/Night Pricing
  • Fixed Hour or Day Pricing (e.g. 6 Hour Rate, 4 Day Rate)
  • Combination of Hourly, Daily/Nights, Multi-Day/Night Pricing

What is a Price List?

A price list in BookingCentral refers to the price grid or rate sheet for a rental type. A Price List includes all the rates, lengths, times as well as additional fees, tax rate and deposit rules. 

A Price List is unique to each rental, so you can have a different pricing structure for each rental type.

To better illustrate this, let's look at common price lists per rental types:

Boat Rental (Pontoons, Ski Boats, etc) Price List:

Price List for Pontoon Boat.png

Jet Ski Price List:

Price List for Jet Skis.png

RV Rentals Price List:

Price List for RV Rentals.png

Price List Basics

There are 3 important factors when creating a price list in BookingCentral. At minimum, your price list per rental must include each option for the system to correctly calculate the rate per rental:

  • Valid Dates: Called Seasons, and are important as it instructs the system to offer the prices that are based on the season dates.
  • Price Lengths (or Duration): Each rental type can have a variable length such as 1-8 hours/days/nights, or fixed lengths such as 4 hours, 8 hours, 3 nights, 7 nights.
  • Start/End Times: Each Price Length has a Start Time(s) and End Time. Times can be fixed times or variable times (e.g. every hour)

Price Setup Features

When setting up a price list per rental, you can use these system features for easy setup:

  • Copy a price list between rental types and seasons: this makes for a quick setup so you do not have to create a price list manually for each rental type. You can copy the Price List (season, lengths, times) and then edit as needed.
  • Create additional price lengths within a price list: this helps to quickly add additional lengths per rental
  • Create Columns to accommodate for day of week and holiday variations. Within the same price list for a rental, you can add price variations per day of week or set holidays.

Custom Pricing Options

The system allows for custom pricing options to further assist your rental setup including:

  • Ability to create Weekday, Weekend, and Holiday pricing
  • Ability to add required additional fees in addition to the based price per rental such as cleaning, prep or dock fees
  • Ability to add a tax rate per rental
  • Options for deposit payment at the time of booking (fixed amount, percentage, full amount, etc.)
  • Ability to create a price length that is only shown on the backend (office only)

Rental Price List Key.png

Custom Pricing Options.png

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