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Pre-Check In allows you to get necessary information from your customers after they book with you and before the arrive to start their rental or activity. This information included are:

Boating Safety Law that was passed in June 2022 in Florida and is in effect for all boat rental operators in FL on January 1, 2023.

How it works:

  • The customer will make a booking for their desired rental or activity
  • The customer will receive their confirmation email with a link to the Pre-Check In page
  • The customer will receive a follow up text with a link to the Pre-Check in page
  • The customer will fill in the details required for pre-check in

New Pre-Check In with Document Upload.png

  • Once the items have been completed, customers will be able to see and edit the completed items as needed.

PreCheck In completed.png

  • Information filled in on the form will be updated on the Order in the system.

See it in action:

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