Search and Assign Waivers to Bookings

When using Smartwaiver as your integrated waiver program, you can assign waivers to bookings in the system. This feature is useful in the following circumstances:

  • If a customer signed the waiver from a waiver link posted on your website
  • If a customer signed the waiver from a kiosk in your shop/business
  • If you have multiple waivers for a renter and a participant on a booking
  • If the waiver did not get properly assigned to the order as expected
  • If you are adding bookings manually to the system that had previously signed waivers

To Assign a Waiver to an existing Booking:


  • In the Find Waiver screen, search for the waiver (use name, phone or email)
  • The results will show the customer name, phone number, waiver type, and waiver name
  • Select the name, and choose Add


  • The Waiver section on the order will be updated with the assigned waivers.
  • Save the booking.


The waiver section on an order will also allow you to delete waivers and select the view icon to see the signed waiver.

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