Viewing Bookings on the Dashboard with the Orders Widget

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The Orders Widget on the Dashboard is designed so users can easily see an overview of bookings/activities. It comes with standard tabs so the user can view and be aware of bookings that may need attention.


You are able to configure what tabs you want to show on the orders widget using the steps below:

  • From the Dashboard, select the Settings icon Settings_icon.png in the upper right.
  • Select the Tabs button
  • Use the + icon to choose the tabs you want to show. They will show in the Selected Tabs column.
  • Options for viewing include:
    • Tab Style:
      • Plain: will show only the tab name  Ex: Tab_Style_-_Plain.png
      • Counters: Will show tab name and how many orders per tab Ex: Tab_Style_-_Counters.png
      • Solid Colors: will show all tabs outlined in a color Ex: Tab_Style_-_Colors.png
    • Hide tabs - check to only show tabs that have orders attached to it


It is recommended to only have no more than 8 tabs/tags on the Orders Widget.

Standard Tabs

The table below will describe the available tabs and the parameters for each.


Shows all active orders that have been created in the last 4 days.

n/a n/a
Today Shows all active orders for today n/a n/a
Tomorrow Shows all active orders for tomorrow n/a 1
7 Days Shows all active orders for the next 7 days n/a 7
Pending Shows all pending orders up to 365 days out n/a 365
Quote Shows all quotes up to 365 days out n/a 365
Balance Shows all orders with a balance for the last 30 days and the next 30 days 30 30

Shows all canceled orders for the last 30 days and the next 30 days

30 30
Missing Waivers/Info

Shows all orders that have missing waivers or info (e.g. participant info or insurance upload - future feature)

n/a 30

Custom Tags that you created will show in in the Tabs section to be added to the Orders widget.

See it in action:

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