Uploading Documents to an Order

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When you have Document Upload custom fields enabled, you and your customers can now upload important document when making a booking.

Documents can be uploaded to an order in several different ways:

  • During Pre-Check In by the Customer (preferred method)
  • During Online Checkout by the Customer (if Pre-Check in is not enabled)
  • Through the Order screen by the Business (walk in customers)

Upload during Pre-Check In

When Pre-Check In is enabled, you can add the Document Upload option to the list of important information that is needed from the renter prior to arrival. This is the preferred method to document upload because your customers have time to gather the required documents and information without holding them back from making the booking with you. After the booking is made, your customers will receive a Pre-Check In link where they can complete the information and upload documents.



Upload During Online Checkout

If you are not using the Pre-Check In feature, then customers will be asked to upload required documents during checkout. The Upload Documents will show during the checkout flow after the renter chooses their dates and additional options. 



Upload through the Order Screen

If you have walk in customers, employees can make bookings for the customer and upload documents through the New Order screen. On the Order screen there will be a section for Documents. All documents that have been assigned the the rental will show shown here for upload.


All methods of document upload will store copies of the documents on the order in the system. Users can View or Upload additional documents as needed on existing orders.



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