Creating a Pending Booking

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As an option, a business can create a Pending Booking without setting a rental/activity to be pending in the Settings. An admin or user in the system will be able to select the type of booking to create using the + icon in the upper right.



To create a Pending Booking:

  • Select New Pending Booking from the + icon
  • Add the rental and customer details
  • Add the payment options (if any)
  • Save the booking

This will send the Booking Request email to the customer with details about the request.

Once the Pending booking is in the system, the business will need to decide how to handle the request. Options include:

  • Open the booking request in the system, and Confirm Request and collect payment. This will update the status to Confirmed, and send a confirmation email to the customer.
  • Open the booking request in the system, and Decline Request. This will update the status to Declined, make the rental available again, and send a declined email to the customer. 




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