How do I Search for Bookings?

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You can view all bookings through the Bookings tab in the system.

Actions you can take on this page:

  • Sort viewing by
    • Customer Name
    • Start/End Date
    • Booking Code
    • Status
    • Product
    • Location
  • Search for bookings by
    • Order code
    • Customer name
    • Phone or email (Note: You can also search for all or a portion of the information and still yield results.)
  • Use Filter feature to narrow viewing options
    • by Product
    • by Status
    • By Start/End Date
    • By Purchase Date
  • Use the Settings button to add/remove columns from view


Pro Tip!  Easily sort the Bookings page selecting the up/down arrows by the column name.  For example, if you want to see Start Date (ascending) - first booked date (past), select the Up arrow.  For Start Date (descending) - the last date booked (future), select the down arrow.



Once you find the booking you are searching for, you can:

  • Click once on the entry to open the booking
  • Right click on the entry to:


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