Creating a Voucher for a Customer

The system allows you to create vouchers.  Vouchers are unique codes that can only be used once by a customer.  Vouchers are used as a form of payment on a booking.  Vouchers can be used as an option for canceled trips due to weather, or if the customer cancels and wants to re-book for another date.

To create a new voucher, so to Settings - Promotions and Vouchers.  Click Vouchers to begin.

Select + Add Voucher in the upper right.

Setup fields include:

  • Code - the voucher code will be automatically generated by the system.  Copy the code and give it to the customer for use.
  • Value - enter the amount of the voucher
  • Memo - internal note regarding the reason for the voucher
  • Expires - if applicable enter an expiry date for when the voucher is no longer valid
  • Event Days - enter the day of the week that the event must occur for the code to be valid
  • Product - enter a product(s) that the code can be used for booking.


Note: Voucher codes are created automatically using this method, and in order for a customer to utilize the voucher, you will need to communicate the voucher code to the customer.



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