How do I charge the balance due on a booking?

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If a booking has a balance due, you can charge the amount due on the order through the back end of the system. Currently, customers are not able to process additional payments on their bookings beyond their initial payment with the booking was made.

To charge a balance due on a booking, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Booking
  2. Review the Order Summary to see the Balance Due
  3. In the Payment section, select the method of payment (i.e. Creditcard)
  4. For Credit Card payments, select the card on file or charge to new card from the Charge To field
  5. The amount due will default to the balance due as shown on the Order Summary (you can edit this amount if needed)
  6. Select Save to process the payment





If you want to see a history of the payments made on the booking by using the Actions button. Select Actions and then Show Payments to see more information.



See it in action:

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