Refund to a Voucher

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When a booking is cancelled and a refund is due back to the customer, you have the option to refund that booking to a Voucher. The Voucher will be the same value as the refunded payment and can be used for a future rental or activity.

When you are refunding a payment:

  • In the Refund section of the Order, select Voucher
  • The Amount will default to the balance due back
  • Set an Expiration Date for the Voucher (default is 365 days)
  • Save the Order


A voucher refund does not refund any payment back to the customer or deduct the original payment from your business bank account. The voucher value will match their original payment amount to be used for a future visit.

When you refund to a voucher, the customer will receive an email with a Voucher Code, expiration date, and an option to Book Now.



You can view if the Voucher has been used through the Voucher page in Settings.



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