Adding a Promotion/Discount Code to a Booking

If you have Promotions set up in the system, then your customers can apply the promo code during online checkout and users can add the code to the Order form when booking through the back office.

Note: Promotions must be advertised to your customers either on your website or via other forms of communication (email, text, social media).

Adding a Promo Code in Online Checkout

Customers who have a promo code can add the code during checkout on the Booking Details page.  Customers will use the button, Apply Giftcard/Coupon Code, below the payment summary.

Once applied, the discount will be shown in the payment summary.



Adding a Promo Code through the System (Back Office Booking)

When users and admins make bookings for customers through the system, promo codes can be added to the Order form.

To add the Promo Code, follow steps below:

  • On the + New Booking form, the user will add the rental information
  • select Add Discount from the Functions section.  
  • In the Add discount window, choose the discount code from the list
  • Select Apply


The applied discount will show in the Order Summary on the booking form, and the discount will be applied.


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